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Ovosur’s DNA

By understanding where Ovosur came from and how that influenced who they are today, it is easy to see why these attributes are built into Ovosur’s DNA:

The Expertise Required and the Desire to Customize.

An Assured Supply.

Flexibility and Nimbleness.


World Class Quality and Operations.


We have been the egg products leader in Peru for over 25 years – because of our constant innovation and continuous improvement. Today we process more than 1.2 million eggs per day.

Our experience, quality, innovation, and ear to our customers has allowed us to grow beyond our Peruvian roots, establishing direct operations in the United States, Chile and Colombia. Additionally, we export our egg products to more than 170 customers globally – in South America, Central America, Noth America, and Asia.

Throughout our years in the international market, we have managed to help our customers achieve their objectives, which has allowed us to build lasting business relationships and grow together.

Technology and innovation

We have 4 production plants (2 in Peru, 1 in Chile and 1 in Colombia) with cutting-edge technology. Our modern European egg-breaking machines provide large capacities and very efficient production. In addition, we have one of the largest drying plants in South America.

Our uniquely qualified people, coupled with our biotechnology laboratories for the development of new products, and the alliance with global experts, guarantees we are able to develop specific egg products for the needs of each of our customers.


We meet and exceed even the most rigorous international quality standards, proven by the fact that we supply even the most demanding markets in the world.

Our in-house microbiology department allows us to carry out most stringent analysis of egg safety, starting at the farm and all the way to the final egg product.

We have the main quality certifications worldwide such as BRC, HACCP, HALAL and KOSHER.

Our team

We have a team that has more than 40 years in the food and egg products industry.

We also have an R&D team made up entirely of professionals who have a master’s degree in nutrition and food science or a degree in food science.