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Customer Centricity is in Ovosur’s DNA

We understand the needs of our customers and customize our products.


At the turn of the new millennium, and after years of turmoil in Peru, the farm we now call La Calera was starting to grow again. Private businesses began to emerge and take hold on the wings of the new economy.
Panettone is a wildly popular Christmas dessert in South America. Instantly recognizable for its tall, domed shape, panettone is more a bread than a cake. Its sweet dough is studded with candied fruits and raisins – and it is made with a LOT of egg yolk. As the baking industry began to industrialize, a need for large volumes of liquid yolk presented itself.

By this time the newly formed Egg Processing company, Ovosur (under the same ownership as the La Calera farm), had begun breaking and drying eggs. However, whenever Ovosur cracked an egg to harvest the yolk for panettone, they also had to deal with twice the volume of whites. The growing demand for yolks left a lot of whites with nowhere to go. Knowing Asia as a huge consumer of egg white, Ovosur began to court the Japanese market. Already a world-class operation, Ovosur was selling to major multinational companies and known for exceptional operational and quality systems. The Japanese were impressed but, as is usual in the Japanese approval process, Ovosur had to work with the them on what became a 7 year journey to gain trust. Once trust by the Japanese became implicit, Ovosur had the confidence to conquer any customer on the globe!

Starting in Chile and quickly following with plants in Colombia and Ecuador, Ovosur found that they could ‘balance’ their production of egg products by shipping them into markets outside of Peru. However, they soon realized that egg products, and the foods they go into, are not the same everywhere.

This drove the development of a sophisticated expertise in customizing to meet local requirements. In addition, the ‘balance’ was never quite perfect when fulfilling the market requirements. Ovosur discovered that, at any given time, eggs were cheap somewhere in the world and expensive in others. By taking advantage of global supplies, they could ‘balance’ the needs for either yolk or whites in their operations.

This initiated the development of their global supply chain muscle. It also made Ovosur less dependent on the La Calera farm.

Milestones in our history

1997: We were able to commercialize the egg yolk as the first egg products in Peruvian territory, and with this creation we revolutionized the panettone market, supplying the main factories in the country.

2000: Together with ALICORP we develop the famous mayonnaise “Alacena”. This product that was achieved thanks to a joint venture where through our technology, we were able to provide the necessary egg products to achieve a top quality product, thus producing a resounding success in the Peruvian market.

2007: We put all our efforts together and we set our objectives as a company to fight malnutrition in our country. That is why through the national Qaliwarma program, we have been able to feed thousands of school-age children with our “TortiYa!” Product. A powdered egg omelette that, in addition to being easy to prepare, is easier to transport.

2010: After experiencing an exhaustive activity of constant improvement and standardization of all our processes, we managed to export our products to the demanding Asian market, complying with the strictest quality standards worldwide.

2011 – 2020: As part of Ovosur’s international expansion we opened offices in Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

2020: We create 5 highly functional and effective egg products for our clients: Quick dissolution, high protein absorption, very high gel strength, high wipping, boost protein content whitout compromising sensory attributes.

2021: We opened our office in the United States and imported finished products from Lima to open the US market.

2023: Develop partnerships with egg producer/farmers domestically and globally and expand US manufacturing capabilities.